Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Movie Project Critique

  For the movie project that we had, I surprisingly enjoyed it a lot. Normally projects like these are stressful, you can never get together, people argue, the prompts are pointless and stupid, and most of the ending substance is super crappy. This project was most of the time none of that. The choice of Esop Fables for the prompts was a clever choice because they are deep and can be interpreted in many different ways, making lots of different movies. 
  By letting us have plenty of time in class and supplying us with cameras made making the film a ton easier. Another thing that was smart to do was not letting people pick there own groups and making sure there was a tech person in each group because that caused people to actually work instead of constantly talking and let each group had someone who knew what they were doing involving editing and computers. The project was fun and exciting, and I would recommend doing it again.

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