Monday, April 9, 2012

 My group for the instrument portion of New Works was called The Neapolitans. We liked the name because we felt that each of the flavors in a neapolitan, which are Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla, represented each of the three of us. I was the Strawberry. :) My instrument was the Strumski, which was a block of wood with six nails hammered into it, two violin strings and one rubberband to make the sounds. My favorite part of my own instrument was the crazy spraypainting that I did to it because it showed why i am here at this school. Even though i spent a lot of time on my instrument, it was a bummer because it was incredibly hard to hear.
 In the end, i actually loved the song that my group came up with. Even though one of my three group members, Brandi, wasn't there to perform with us and we had to come up with a whole new song in the beginning of that class period, i still loved it. Our song was called The Stupidity of People, and told about how far our race has come with texting. It was really cute and i felt like everyone enjoyed it. It was a real help that Teddi subbed in for us, just so we wouldnt have to be two people all alone in front of everyone.
 This experience has been decent. Though i loved hearing some of the group performances, some of them seemed very rushed and not thought out. It has still been one of the better experiences in this semester in New Works, and i must say that it was interesting! Yay!