Thursday, September 29, 2011

NU Works: Space

Nu Works is really fun. I have a lot of friends in it and i've already learned a lot. I've never had a class like this before so it makes me happy. The past few class periods we were talking about space where in Ms. E's class we talked about space in terms of space across a stage. We went across the stage of the Green Room performing different comedies and tragedies. My comedy is where I was pregnant and then I suddenly screamed out in an accent that I was having my baby, as the backpack I was using to create an illusion of me being pregnant was dropped to the floor. I admit that there wasn't much space crossed in my performance, but I still got the idea and meaning of what this exercise was trying to teach us. The next B Day we went to an academic teacher and talked about space in terms of digital space. We made blogs and personalized them with naming them and picking the layout. I really liked doing this because I find having a blog about my life and art could really help me in the future in terms of colleges looking at it to get a deeper feel of me. The next day we went to the Opera teacher and we took a relaxing trip through the space of our minds. We had a wonderful journey and learned a lot about ourselves. We had to open a box and inside my own was my best friend who is a stuffed animal named faithful who I have had for a long time and I share everything with. This experience was peaceful but i didn't like it as much as the others because we only took about 15 minutes with our eyes closed and then we took 40 minutes to draw what we saw.  I would have liked to be on the mental journey for longer. Also, a lot of people just saw what was in their box and had to decipher what it meant when I went back and forth to decide what was going to be in the box and I picked in the end. At the end we got to show the teacher some of our comedies/tragedies walks so i was able to do my funny baby bit again. Our last space session was with the dance teacher but was only ok because the real dance teacher wasn't there and so we had a sub dance teacher so it wasn't the real deal. Half of the time we talked about space facts and then it got really fun when we were able to do different movements in the space that we had. My and my group were able to perform in front of the class as a box, where we just formed a box with ourselves then shuffled across the floor. Altogether, I really got the feel of what space means. I will try to be able to portray what I have learned with my solo space project through a amazing piece of art. Nu Works is a class that I really look forward to, and i can't wait until we get to talk about the next word, movement!! :D YAY!!!.

Thursday, September 22, 2011