Monday, April 9, 2012

 My group for the instrument portion of New Works was called The Neapolitans. We liked the name because we felt that each of the flavors in a neapolitan, which are Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla, represented each of the three of us. I was the Strawberry. :) My instrument was the Strumski, which was a block of wood with six nails hammered into it, two violin strings and one rubberband to make the sounds. My favorite part of my own instrument was the crazy spraypainting that I did to it because it showed why i am here at this school. Even though i spent a lot of time on my instrument, it was a bummer because it was incredibly hard to hear.
 In the end, i actually loved the song that my group came up with. Even though one of my three group members, Brandi, wasn't there to perform with us and we had to come up with a whole new song in the beginning of that class period, i still loved it. Our song was called The Stupidity of People, and told about how far our race has come with texting. It was really cute and i felt like everyone enjoyed it. It was a real help that Teddi subbed in for us, just so we wouldnt have to be two people all alone in front of everyone.
 This experience has been decent. Though i loved hearing some of the group performances, some of them seemed very rushed and not thought out. It has still been one of the better experiences in this semester in New Works, and i must say that it was interesting! Yay!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Coolest Person On the Planet: RAY VILLAFANE

He is my hero cause not the average joe can do this stuff!!

Colored Pencil Items

Fun Things You Can Do With Legos

I made the White House, then I made the Aliens, and so Aliens are attacking the White House!!! YAAAAYYYYY RAAAAAHHHHHHHH

Actual Movie Critique

  I loved our movie. The prompt was perfect and led to an amazing plot line that was creative, different and had nothing to do with relationships. Our story was about a girl who carved a pumpkin, and then that pumpkin and its pumpkin friends got mad about what that girl had done so they followed her until the army of pumpkins cornered her with a knife, about to carve her. 
  This was like the prompt because it was a turn of events, a story from the perspective of what we kill everyday fighting back unexpectedly. The choice of no dialogue and having it be in black and white gave the movie a very old time feel, like it was a back then horror film. The choice of no dialogue was also important because words in some sense can make or break a movie, and because it was only the girl and the pumpkin who were focused on, the sound in the background only would have taken away from the story, same as if we had added any extra characters, it would have caused the movie to be too long and make it go off course from the real meaning and story. 
  The movie was executed amazingly and our group worked pretty smooth together, so the whole experience was really an enjoyable one! I thought our movie was the best out of everyones because it was clean, on point, made sense and really stuck to what the prompt was in an clever way.

Movie Project Critique

  For the movie project that we had, I surprisingly enjoyed it a lot. Normally projects like these are stressful, you can never get together, people argue, the prompts are pointless and stupid, and most of the ending substance is super crappy. This project was most of the time none of that. The choice of Esop Fables for the prompts was a clever choice because they are deep and can be interpreted in many different ways, making lots of different movies. 
  By letting us have plenty of time in class and supplying us with cameras made making the film a ton easier. Another thing that was smart to do was not letting people pick there own groups and making sure there was a tech person in each group because that caused people to actually work instead of constantly talking and let each group had someone who knew what they were doing involving editing and computers. The project was fun and exciting, and I would recommend doing it again.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Other Space Projects

My favorite performances involving my own class and the main performaces on stage were Sam's and Lindsey's. I loved how Sam was able to use his talent as a musician to make a catcy and well thought out song/music video that was all originally done by him and didn't come across as gimicky. I also loved Lindsey's monolauge which I felt showed off her amazing acting skills and explained space in a creative and funny way. I could tell that she spent a long time thinking about her performace and what space really meant to her. She way able to incorperate her feelings on space beautifully into her project/performance. I was really blown away by everyone, these were just the two that really stood out to me personally. YAY