Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Own Space Project

In my own project through drawing, I wanted to show how art could relate to all clusters, so here is a long explanation about my own project :) I put 4 different people on a stage because I feel that is where lots of space involving performing arts happens. The actor, Johnny, is dressed up in Shakespearean clothing, useing hand gestures and saying the famous quote of "To Be or Not To Be." This helped portray acting by showing in theatre that space is used in crossing a stage and filling it up with big/loud motions that helps everyone be able to see whats going on, even if they are in the back row. The musician, Isabella, is playing the cello with lots of music notes coming out. This helps portray space in music by saying musicians fill up the space around them with the beautiful music that they make, and need to have their own personal space so that they have the room to be able to play. The artist, Victor, is painting a picture and it helps show space involving art because artists need space to be able to make art, and artists fill up the space in front, around, on a canvas or paper with the fantastic things that they create. Finally the dancer, Grace, is shown doing a leap in the air and that helps show space involving dance because dancers have to use the space around them to the fullest to be able to move around in it and can use the space around them to the most potential when they do giant leaps in the air. I gave all the characters names because it makes them more life like and shows how all of these ideas are true and happen with so many people on a daily basis.  YAY!

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